• TheatHPnerdonline

    (Disclaimer: this story takes place in middle school, and I do not own CreepyPasta, I am a proud Proxy)(my name in this will be Heather)

    Heather looked around, she knew something was up, she was getting bullied (very true for me irl) then something happened, Heather seen a white hooded male,Is that Jeff? Heather thought, she seen his face "run..." he said surprisingly calm, Heather ran to the choir room and waited there, when Eyeless Jack found her, "what's up, Miss?" he asked, Heather hesitated "not much" she said when she finished hesitating. EJ introduced himself "I'm Eyeless Jack, but you can call me EJ" he said, "I-I'm Heather," Heather said as she walked into the choir room seeing that Jeff and Sally were there, "u-umm h-hi" Heather s…

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  • Tyuert

    I am obsessed with Jeff the killer and homicidal liu, his brother, and, well, slender man, because, well, he has, in many stories, had something to do with Jeff. Like a friend. Just send me stories, info, and pics of them, doesn't matter what type as long as it has something to do with them to no caps. Well actually, anything/anyone to do with him.

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